What sets Novak Strategic Advisors Apart?
Our people. Our relationships. Our experience.

The Novak team is senior-level and connected. They know what works because they have 75 years of experience wrapped up in one proven team. They know who will make it work because of established, active relationships on the ground and at the most local levels. These relationships reflect and respond to the current professional and political climate. When you work with us, you’ll find a direct connection between our experienced professionals and our clients.

NSA’s team has deep roots that stretch from City Avenue and Main Street to suburban neighborhoods and the most rural back roads. They know and work with public officials at all levels of government, professional associations, issue stakeholders and coalitions, and the most grassroots of community organizations. As a result, Novak Strategic Advisors can build Issue Advocacy campaigns and strategic alliances based on a foundation of relationships that are active and functioning in the constituencies and communities you are seeking to impact.

Field-Level Strategic Partnerships
At NSA, our in-house team is just the beginning. Our extensive network of partners and alliances in the field help us engage real-time, on-the-ground intelligence, analysis, and execution. No matter the geography or demographic, NSA has a presence where your issue needs impact.