Issue Advocacy noun
A creative and customized approach that persuades and motivates targeted audiences to support and/or advance your organization’s chosen issue or cause. – as defined by Novak Strategic Advisors

Grammatically, it’s a noun, but at Novak Strategic Advisors, Issue Advocacy is all about action. In this modern era, moving the dial on an issue requires more than shaping public opinion; it means motivating a public response.

At Novak Strategic Advisors, our success on behalf of clients starts with a senior-level team that knows how to manage and implement strategic campaigns and is in constant, direct contact with our clients. Our depth of experience also gives us a breadth of bipartisan, long-established relationships that span from Washington to Harrisburg and drill down to the most local level in the communities our clients are seeking to impact.

Just as our experience is unique, so is our approach. For us, Issue Advocacy is more than a service. Issue Advocacy is all about persuasion as a key component of leadership. For that reason, we believe clients need and deserve a personalized approach. We take the time to understand your organization, its values and its goals. We customize a strategic plan that brings together the most up-to-date tactics with the right alliances and partnerships that transform constituents into advocates. Our top-tier team works directly with yours to turn passive support into fully-integrated campaigns that have meaningful influence and powerful impact. Most importantly, we will get you what your organization wants most…

R e s u l t s .

Our Approach

At Novak Strategic Advisors, you’re not just a client–we become your advocates. Our professionals take the time to understand your organization, its values, and its goals. We keep constant, open lines of communication between our clients and our firm. And we run your issue just as our experts have run political campaigns: working hard, working smart, and making your cause our cause.

Our professional experience and on-the-ground networks provide local intelligence that combine to give clients with the right mixture of tactics, coalition building, and allied partnerships in order to transform constituents into advocates, engage and empower stakeholders, neutralize detractors, and inspire a response that your targeted audience will care about.

We understand what works and what does not. We also know that what works is not always what is trendy. We believe in working within our clients’ expectations. We also work with clients to refine their plan and approach in order to develop strategically targeted campaigns, effectively manage budgets, and leverage additional opportunities and potential.

With strategic partners and alliances in communities throughout the commonwealth, NSA has a presence where you want to have an impact. Our Issue Advocacy practice is strengthened by Novak Strategic Advisors’ combined capabilities, including government affairs, lobbying, and public relations. The most successful advocacy efforts integrate all of our professional services to maximize our client’s influence and impact.