Novak Strategic Advisors is frequently retained for its successful track record in advocating issues and legislation in Harrisburg. Many of our lobbying clients are non-profit organizations and benefit Pennsylvania citizens with improved services or decreased costs.

  • Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia among older people eventually causing the inability to think, remember, and reason–to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s daily life and activities. Estimates vary, but experts suggest that as many as 5.1 million Americans may have Alzheimer’s.Novak Strategic Advisors successfully negotiated for legislation for health support services and a full range of 24/7 activity programming, crisis management and security measures for Pennsylvanians suffering from Alzheimer’s, in an assisted living or home and community based setting and for consumer protection type requirements for an assisted living residence that holds itself out to the public as providing services or housing for residents affected by Alzheimer’s.
  • Novak Strategic Advisors successfully lobbied in opposition to legislation proposed in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to increase fees on trash that, if successful, would have added an additional tax on the disposal of all waste, costing Pennsylvania businesses, schools, hospitals and consumers more to dispose of waste and would have undermined efforts to make recycling a self-sustaining industry.
  • Novak Strategic Advisors worked with the state and local government to assist a client in expanding its Lehigh Valley customer call center from 1,000 employees to 1,400 employees; making it the 16th largest employer in Lehigh and Northampton counties and bolstering the region’s reputation as a call center hub. The call center, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provides full and part-time employment opportunities with a competitive starting wage, medical and dental benefits, access to a 401(k) plan and reimbursement for college courses.

September 15, 2005

T-Mobile call center to add 450 jobs
Cell phone company will be 16th-largest employer in Lehigh and Northampton. – By Sam Kennedy Of The Morning Call

T-Mobile USA is adding 450 jobs at its Lehigh Valley call center, the cell phone company is expected to announce today.

The expansion will bring the facility’s total employment to 1,400, making T-Mobile the 16th-largest employer in Lehigh and Northampton counties, between Wegmans, No. 15, and Easton Hospital, No. 17.

It will also make the facility the largest of T-Mobile’s 16 U.S. call centers, bolstering the region’s reputation as a call center hub…

Novak Strategic Advisors specializes in localized issue campaigns that deal directly with local communities and constituencies.

  • Scientists estimate that approximately 12 million Americans, particularly small children, suffer from food allergies, which can be potentially fatal. So when a nonprofit organization’s efforts to educate Congressmen in Washington DC of the need for more federal funding for research to find a cure for food allergies, they came to Novak Strategic Advisors.Novak Strategic Advisors successfully implemented a comprehensive and intensive grassroots campaign in key Congressmen’s home districts, where distractions are fewer and constituents’ concerns are closer to home…and heart. As a result of our efforts, this important message was heard loud and clear and more federal funding was appropriated to find a cure for food allergies.
  • In some of Pennsylvania’s municipalities, antiquated anti-liquor statutes are still in effect, often to the detriment of the restaurant and tourist industry, and the tax base in those communities. Since 2007, Novak Strategic Advisors has successfully run four liquor referendum projects across Pennsylvania.In 2009, Novak Strategic Advisors coordinated efforts in West Lampeter Township, Lancaster County and Warrington Township, York County to educate voters on ballot referendum questions. Building and then working with a broad based coalition, our team was able to identify the issues in the campaign, target a specific message and communicate to key constituencies to successfully pass the question on both ballots; in Warrington Township, York County by an overwhelming tally of 70% yes to 30% no.

June 01, 2009

Ryan Robinson of Lancaster New Era

“An $8 million proposal to turn the Willow Valley Resort & Conference Center into two hotels hinges on a hotel liquor license. Now that voters have approved liquor sales in West Lampeter Township, it doesn’t seem any significant hurdles remain in obtaining one….”

May 21, 2009

Historic changes: West Lampeter and Warrington first townships to overturn liquor ban

“You may not have noticed, but historic changes took place in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. At least two townships — West Lampeter in Lancaster County and Warrington in York County, overturned liquor sales bans in the primary election…”

Businesses of every size, be they family run or larger corporations, are job creators, entrepreneurs, every day people helping to put food on the table of families throughout the community in which they operate. But most businesses don’t have the internal expertise to know exactly how to make government a customer. Novak Strategic Advisors is frequently asked to take on the challenges of figuring out where and to whom a business might go to provide their services to a government entity. We help business figure out the bureaucratic procurement process that varies from government to government, department to department and facilitate the introduction to save everyone; business and customer, time and money.

  • Novak Strategic Advisors developed a strategy to assist a local community led bank build its municipal clientele. Utilizing its network of township supervisors and managers, the team at Novak was able to introduce key members of the bank to targeted municipality decision makers.
  • Novak Strategic Advisors has helped to expand the network for a large engineering firm and a construction management firm. These businesses have grown businesses in Southeast Pennsylvania by having Novak Strategic Advisors’ network become their network and “extended sales force”.

Novak Strategic Advisors is recognized as a creative and reliable partner for businesses ranging from architects, engineers and builders to a large multi-national cell phone provider, pension fund managers, and a prison healthcare provider. Advisors from Novak Strategic customize specific game plans and strategies for each client and draw upon our expansive networks to facilitate beneficial partnerships and help grow your business.