Government Affairs verb
Proactive engagement in the public policy and political arenas to identify opportunities to shape legislative and regulatory outcomes. – as defined by Novak Strategic Advisors

The right relationships at all levels of government are one of the greatest assets a government affairs consultant brings to the table. Add to that action, timing and instinct and you have the key ingredients to a successful government affairs campaign. At Novak Strategic Advisors, our team’s experience and connections are impressive, but our results make the mark. We know the system, and we know the players–but that’s not enough. When it comes to legislative, regulatory, procurement and public policy outcomes, you have to identify the right opportunity at the right moment and make the right move. Relationships enhanced by knowledge and honed by intuition account for our firm’s years of success.

At Novak Strategic Advisors, our team keeps Fortune 500 companies, charitable organizations, small businesses and local communities in tune, in focus and on top of the latest developments. We position our clients as thought-leaders in their particular fields so that they are understood and their position considered in the debate. Combined with our issue advocacy and executive leadership solutions divisions, Novak Strategic Advisors has a deep bench to integrate resources and strategies to ensure you get what your organization wants most…

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