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Nothing ruffles his feathers, which makes Craig the go-to-guy for problem solving and creative solutions. Craig earned his stripes at the local and county levels of government and politics. Today he is known for his ability to maneuver through both the stickiest bureaucratic red tape and the most elite political circles. His background in local and state politics helped develop his skills, but his work on the groundbreaking Landscapes program when he served on the West Chester Planning Commission and as an administrative analysis for the County of Chester, was a long-lasting reminder of his knack for consensus building and negotiating bureaucracy and government. Craig pays attention to detail and we count on his smooth style and easy-going manner to bridge gaps to get the job done. Once it is, you can find Craig in a comfy chair at one of the local cigar shops.

Areas of concentration: county procurement, oil and natural gas development, insurance, telecommunications, economic development, health care and liquor referendums

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